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Revenues (general view)

Go to the Finance section from the left menu, then click the Revenues tab. You will be redirected to the general view of revenues.

Here, you can see all revenues added in IC Project.

Under the name of every added revenue, you can find information if it is accounted for in the project.

From this level, you can use the advanced revenue search, sorting and export options.

Advanced revenue search

Look at the screen below. In red, we have marked the section by means of which you can search for, soft and export data.


Use the field   to search for revenues by entering the revenue name or category.

Click to call up a side window you can use to freely search for revenues using various filters.


Sorting the cost view

Use  to sort the displayed data. Click this field. You can sort revenues using the following criteria:


On the other hand, click to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

Exporting the costs

IC Project offers easy reporting of displayed revenues to the following formats: pdf, xlsx, csv. You can export all revenues or currently displayed revenues from the level of your browser.