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How to issue an invoice?

With IC Project, you can quickly and intuitively issue a VAT or Proforma invoice, correct an invoice and create a new one based on a previously issued invoice.

The issue process for VAT and Proforma invoices in IC Project is identical.

Go to the Finance section from the left menu. By default, you will be redirected to the Invoices tab.

Click    then decide which invoice you want to issue: VAT or Proforma? Click the proper box. 

You will be redirected to the invoice issue section. Look at the screen below. We have marked three areas in it with different colours.

In the red area, complete such basic data as:

  • Invoice number
  • Seller
  • Buyer
  • Issuer

Note! The invoice number, seller and buyer can be  entered manually or populated automatically. For more information about it, continue reading.

In the blue area, complete the data in the visible fields, such as date of issue / sale, payment due date, place of issue, etc. 

You can decide if the invoice is to be attached to the project. If so, select the project, stage and selected board. Remember that the invoice amount will be accounted for in the project finance as realised revenue and it will affect the financial result.

The green area is the place where you enter the goods / service, determine their quantity and value. In the bottom left corner, you can a note to the invoice. On the right side, you can find the summary of the value of the issued invoice


Manual entry of basic data

When you issue the invoice, you can complete the invoice number, seller and buyer manually.

To enter an invoice number manually, click  in the upper part of the form regarding the number and pick the option enter the number manually.

When completing the seller’s data, click , complete the pop-up window and approve it.


To complete the buyer’s data, follow the same steps as for the seller’s data

Automatic entry of basic data.

The invoice number, seller and buyer can be entered automatically. How to do it? 

Automatically assigned invoice number

To enable automatic assignment of invoice numbers, you have to configure the numbering in the system settings of IC Project first. This activity needs to be performed once and in the future the system will assign automatic numbering itself.

Click you avatar in the right upper corner and select Settings, then go to the Finance section and click Numbering.

Click   and select the document for which you want to create numbering, e.g. .

A numbering configuration window will appear – complete it as needed.

The most important element in this window is the generator and available variables.

All these elements can be set by means of the drag & drop method. Set them in the order you need. You can also add a new element, e.g. additional invoice marking or symbol.

Along with completing the fields, you will see a preview of created numbering at the bottom. In the document name, enter the name of the numbering that will be displayed in the system settings. Complete other fields as needed. After you complete all data, click .  And done! The VAT invoice numbering has been created.

This way, you can create numbering for the VAT invoice correction or Proforma invoice.

Note! Check in the settings which numbering will be the default one. Mark it with an asterisk. Selected numbering will be assigned automatically when the invoice is issued.

Automatically assigned seller

The Seller is nothing more than your company’s data. Complete them in the IC Project system settings. The following tabs must be completed:

  • My company – basic information
  • My company – locations
  • My company – bank accounts

Click you avatar in the right upper corner and select Settings, then go to the System section and click My company – basic information.

In this section, complete the fields with your company’s details.

You can add your company’s logo. Clickl on the right. We have marked in red the area where you can add a logo.

  Add the logo in the window area and click .

After you complete your company’s details and/or add a logo, click  on the bottom of the page. Your changes will be saved.

Now go to the tab My company – locations. Click , complete the data, check it as the default location and click .

The last element is the tab My company – bank accounts. Click  , complete the fields, check the back account as the default one and click .

If you performed the above steps correctly when issuing the invoice, the seller’s details, account number and issuer’s details will be populated automatically.

Automatically assigned buyer

If you are issuing an invoice from the level of the Finance section, you need to specify the buyer using   Click this symbol and select the buyer or enter the data manually and click   to approve them.

If you issue the invoice from the level of CRM > selected buyer > Invoices, the buyer field will be populated automatically.