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Other functions in the Gantt chart

What other functionalities does the Gantt chart offer? 

Additional options are available by means of symbols marked in red in the screen blow.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  • Use
  • to change the view mode for the Gantt chart. The following views are available: annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly.
    Enlarging the chart, you can adjust project timeliness more precisely, shifting certain task groups. 
  • Click
  • to retract / drop down the project structure along with its chart.
  • Use
  •  to enable / disable the critical path of the project.
  • Use to enable  disable the Automatic planning option. Automatic planning updates the start date for the second group of tasks based on the end date of the first group of tasks every time it changes. This function allows generation and keeping of the project schedule based on dependencies set between task groups with no separate manual setting of dates required for individual groups.
    If you create dependencies between groups of tasks, we recommend enabling the automatic planning option.
  • If the given group of tasks is removed or its start / end is changed by accident, you can undo the change (the switch) clicking this symbol. 
  • Use to turn on the full screen mode for the Gantt chart.
  • Click to export the Gantt chart to the following formats: PDF, PNG.
  • Use to create a new stage / new board in the project.
  • Click to assign persons to the selected task board.
  • Use  to create milestones.