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IC Project is an ideal tool to monitor and control many processes in your company. Thanks to the proposed mechanism, you can generate any report containing a lot of key information quickly and easily.


You can choose from many ready reports and all of them can be generated in an instant. 

You can generate the following reports:

  • Financial report – specification of costs and revenues in a monthly break-down
  • Project report – project status, current situation in the projects, tasks, resources, deadlines and worktime
  • Project time report – a specification of reported worktimes in projects broken down into stages, boards, tasks and users.
  • User time report – a specification of reported user worktimes broken down into projects, stages, boards and tasks.
  • Absence report broken down into users – a specification of users and days of their absence
  • Absence report broken down into days – a specification of days and users who were absent on the given day

All reports let you choose the information you need. Adjust the time interval, report detail level as well as other additional criteria and generate reports in any of the approachable forms selected by you. Just a few clicks and your report is ready.

Every generated report offers many possibilities to you and your company. All reports can be downloaded to a file – you can select the file format most useful for you.

Access to the reporting module

Access to the reporting module for individual users can be adjusted in the IC Project system settings. It can be dan by the administrator or person authorised to assign roles to employees.

Click your avatar in the right upper corner and select:

Settings > Users > Roles in the system

Then, select the role for which you want to add / change access to the reporting module. Find the reports section and adjust authorisations by means of the switch .