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Tasks – people

In the People tab, you can assign people to the task. 

Check also other ways to assign people

Look at the image below.

In the example above, you can select persons from two sections. In the red one, we have two persons who participate in the current task board.

Check how to assign people to the task board

In the blue one, we have other persons who participate in the entire project. You can assign people from both sections. To assign people to the task, use two icons and .

For example, let’s assign Daria Pietras and Robert Misiak. Click the icons mentioned. After assignment, we will receive the below view.

After people are assigned to the task, they receive an automatic notification: in the browser, by e-mail and via the mobile application.

If you have a lot of people in the list, use the search option. Enter the first letters in and the system will filter the terms searched for.


With a single click, you can send an addition task notification. Click to send a notification to all assigned persons or for a selected person.

If you want to unassign a person from the task, press If you want to unassign a person from the task, press . Done.