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Work with tasks

You have created the task. Now, let’s check our options in the task. Open the selected task by clicking its name. Let’s discuss its sections.

In the first red section, you will find basic information on the task. You can change its name – click it > edit > save. You can also close the task by clicking icon Next to it, you can enable the task subscription. If you enable it by means of  you will receive notifications of all changes in the task. Using , you gain additional options, such as copying or moving the task, discussing it or saving it as a template. 

Now, let’s discuss the tabs in the task. Drop down the section below to learn more.

Click Add description and enter the task details. Depending on your authorisations, you can change the start date, deadline and priority of the task. You can also enable the “read only” option. The task with the changed priority will be marked with a colour line, marked below with the red arrow.

Adding a checklist

In every task, you can add a checklist. Click the button. Below the task description, a window will appear where you can enter its name. Then, press Enter. Continue entering the items of the checklist – always accept them with the Enter key.