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IC Project Help

List of topics

My tasks

Here, you can see all ICP tasks assigned to you (as the person logged in the system and visible in the right upper corner). In this view, you will find information on:

  • task name,
  • task number,
  • its priority,
  • assigned persons (in addition to you, the task may be executed by other people),

  • task status,
  • its deadline,
  • additional information, e.g. number of attachments, comments or number of checklist items.

If the task deadline has already been exceeded, next to the deadline you will see a red alert showing the task delay time.

Adjust the view

On the right side of the screen, you can adjust the task display method. You have the views to choose from:


  • list,
  • board – you will see the task status,
  • agenda – here, you can manage your productivity and decide which task should be done today, tomorrow or later. You will also see tasks the deadlines for which have been exceeded. With the Drag & Drop method, you can place the tasks in the right columns.

Advanced search and sorting

You can search for tasks by name or filter them using various criteria. Klick the funnel icon to the right of the field “search for task” and decide which filters you want to use. The system will display the tasks automatically based on the search criteria.


Important: All tasks displayed in this view can be exported to PDF, XLSX, CSV.