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The new workload module is a comprehensive work planning centre for the entire team. Here you will plan your work for weeks on end, and everything will be shown in visual charts for each user so that your plan is downright perfect.

The workload module is built on visual charts that indicate the workload level for each user. A special colour (green) will indicate whether a user on a given day has the correct workload, is approaching a certain limit (yellow), or has already exceeded that limit (red) and is overloaded. To check the workload details for a particular day, simply hover your cursor over the chart and you will see how the processing capacity is shaping up.

Workload is also a combination of charts with tasks that affect the workload of a particular user. Simply click on the down arrow next to the user and you will then see a special timeline with the tasks for that user. The timeline not only allows you to control the tasks that affect a given workload, but also any changes and manoeuvres in the work schedule of entire teams. You can easily change the dates of a task by dragging, shortening or lengthening it, and you will see these changes directly in the workload on the chart.

 Remember that algorithm of this module works on several important data:

– scheduled time on the user’s task

– the duration of the overall task (when the task starts and when it has a scheduled date) 

– the availability of each user (you must determine the availability of the users)

– days off throughout the company (days off are excluded from the calculation of workload)

If you want to learn more about the workload module, go through the following articles in this category from our support centre. Let’s go through the most important steps together.