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How do you schedule time to work on a task?

If you want to schedule time on a task, go to the selected task and then click on the ‘Workload’ tab. This is the place that allows you to schedule time for the task as a whole, as well as for individual users. 

💡 Remember that here you will only see the users who are assigned to this task. So if you don’t have anyone to assign time to, go to the ‘People’ tab and assign the people you want to the task.

In the ‘Workload’ tab on the task, you can easily schedule your work time. Click ‘Scheduled time’ to do this globally for the entire task, or assign times for selected users. This is an important element for calculating user workload in terms of availability. 

💡 Also take a peek at the start date and due date of the task, as this is an integral part of the planned working time. How much the task has been scheduled for (from-to) forms the basis for our algorithm to calculate the real workload for the day, week, or whole month.